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Caribbean guilder to go in effect second half 2024, currency sign to change from NAf. to Cg.

The Daily Herald - St Maarten 03 Jan 2024
... the Netherlands Antilles guilders will be withdrawn from circulation via an enacted law and the Netherlands Antilles guilder will not have the status of legal tender three months after the withdrawal.

Parliament must be held accountable when it fails to act in the best interest of the people

The Daily Herald 11 Oct 2023
... of the Netherlands ... The first four years was a marathon of public meetings to deliberate, approve, reject or amend many draft laws carried over from the former Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles.

Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard appoints new Deputy Director

The Daily Herald 05 Oct 2023
De Jong-Mercelina also has relevant experience as a lecturer in International Public Law at University of the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba and Curaçao) and is a former member of the Volunteer Corps of the Netherlands Antilles.

Brison proposes max closing time nightclubs/bars 5:00am, restaurants 1:00pm, supermarkets 10pm

The Daily Herald 23 Aug 2023
Perimeters for playing music from an establishment are specified more in the law ... He said the current law being amended dates back to 1949, when the former Netherlands Antilles had developed the regulation for granting permission to sell liquor.

Former Government Administration Building – gone

The Daily Herald 14 Aug 2023
A political icon still among us who graced the halls of the government administration building with his larger-than-life personality is former Minister of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles Mr.

APS to review pension calculations for police, other justice employees

The Daily Herald 02 Feb 2023
... the National Detectives and Immigration and Border Protection Services (IBP) are being paid the salary and compensations that they received prior to October 10, 2010, in the Netherlands Antilles.

New labour Law as of October 1, 2022: Legal Insights

The Daily Herald 23 Sep 2022
From Attorney at Law Suhendra Leon ... October 1, 2022, is an important day for labour-law lawyers in Sint Maarten ... This law has a long trajectory that started when Sint Maarten was still part of the Netherlands Antilles.

Statia developments regarding the policy of education

The Daily Herald 20 Sep 2022
The latter also seems to be the case here now; in my opinion, it stems from the time of the “country of the Netherlands Antilles”, because a lot of laws and other books still date from that time when ...
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